Clyde (or a Tail of a Cat Named Clyde)

I went for a walk
With my girl and a dog
And a cat that she called Clyde.

We walked in the park
And we walked in the mall
And we walked in the woods outside.

As we walked past a tree
I looked to see what I could see
And what I saw dang near gave me a fright!

Cause I saw three witches
And they scared me out of my britches
When they started talking to that cat named Clyde!

Well, I didn’t wait to hear
Because it all sounded kind of queer
And I just ran off into the night.

I heard the witches hoot and holler
As their broomsticks started to foller
In the moon’s glimmering light.

And the old man in the sky,
He looked down with one eye
And laughed to see such a sight!

Of me flying through the woods
As fast as I could
Whilst after me, those witches gave flight.

I came ’round a bend
And saw there, at the end
Of the road, a welcome sight –

Twas the door to my house
And I scurried like a mouse
To hide myself well inside.

I fled through the door
And slowly sunk to the floor
And felt the fear within me begin to subside.

That’s when I heard
The voice of my girl
Who had been walking by my side.

She was sitting in my chair
With some leaves in her hair
And stroking the cat that she called Clyde.

Clyde just grinned evilly
And I felt within me
A little part of me had just died.

Now I walk every night
With my girl and with Clyde
And with those three witches by our side.

We walk all the night
In the shimmering light
And we hold long conversations with Clyde.

©2014 David J Snyder

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